About the Course

In a developing economy like India, there is a growing and visible demand for counselors / therapists who can provide professional support system for individuals, parents, children, couples & families. Schools, hospitals and organizations are increasingly looking for trustable & trained professionals who can help students, employees and patients face challenges.

As more celebrities are coming out in the open to talk about their anxiety / depression, society is slowly beginning to accept that normal people facing abnormal stress / situation can also benefit from professional advice. Counselors are no longer associated with treating only the mentally disturbed people. Of course there is still a long way to go in changing the mindset of the society.

In such a scenario, the challenges call for a counselor to be increasingly adept in handling a client who comes for professional help. The road to building an identity as a counselor equipped with skills can be daunting and time consuming.

Nibbana’s Integraged Course for Counselling Skills has been designed with the aim of developing qualified professionals in the field of mental health. So, If

You are interested in becoming a counselor

You have graduated in psychology and need to build on your skills in counseling clients

You are looking at flexible hours of working
Your passion is to help people and make a career out of it

You are thinking of a second innings in your professional life

You can devote about a year to learn & develop a base to build your career in the field of helping profession?

“NICCS” is the program for you

What is the unique feature of NICCS ?

NICCS has been designed with the following objectives :

provide a platform where the focus is on integrating theory and developing skills.

help bridge the gap between learning and practicing.

empower a counselor with various schools and models of counseling under one roof.

Meet experts in the field of mental health and learn different styles of working with the clients.

enhance ability of a counselor to choose from a variety of options in treatment of a client by providing ample opportunities for practice.

provide ongoing supervision support for counselors so necessary to build confidence when practicing as a professional dealing with mental health.

gain hands on experience in becoming a professional helper

Help counselors become successful financially and professionally by making a meaningful identity as a counselor.

The purpose & intent behind creating this course is to help the budding counselors

Create a fine balance between care and commitment in the professional helping service offered to the clients.

Save time and energy in choosing basic knowledge and skill required to gain skill as a counselor.

Integrate various schools psychology theory and practice under one roof.

Develop ethical perspective to the professional client work.

Build helping profession as a career by providing adequate support.

Manage their own blind and deaf spots interfering the effectiveness of counseling process.

Face challenging moments while working with a client through the support of regular supervision.

Validate the newly gained competence by ongoing discussions and case study in a peer group.