Trainees Speak

Mahananda Bohidar

Teacher, Freelance Writer.

NICCS has been a tremendously transformative journey for me. Personally, one of the most significant takeaways for me is that I need not wait to face a crippling crisis to seek counselling. In fact, even when I’m in a ‘good’ place in life, counselling can help me loads in building on my strengths, developing new life skills and just celebrating who I am as a person.

Professionally, I’ve always been really interested in psychology. NICCS has given me a chance to delve deeper into streams such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Systems Therapy and Transactional Analysis. Learning each of these subjects has been a thrilling experience for me. And I’m waiting eagerly to use these in the counselling space. What I’m especially happy about is the fact that it’s a completely holistic course. This has empowered me with flexible, effective choices when it comes to tools that I can use in the counselling space.

Sreenidhi Mahadevan

Freelance trainer and content developer, passionate learner of life lessons.

When I joined this course in July 2017, I had a lot of questions in my mind regarding my fitment in the course, what the course might have to offer etc. As the course progressed, so did I. Every concept was carefully crafted with the most appropriate faculty. The conviction with which each faculty delivered the concepts got me more intrigued to learn.

The integration sessions bridged the gap between theory and practice. I was able to see a progression in me through the concepts. Practical assignments, roleplays, peer sessions and other discussions have helped me build competence as a counsellor. The structure, logistics and all operational aspects of the program were meticulously thought through. When I started my journey with NICCS, I blindly trusted the process and I am happy I did. The transition in me is not only external – from an individual to a counsellor, but also from within me. With the competence and confidence given by Nibbana I am looking forward to take my first step into the world of counselling.

Meera Santhanam

Graphic Designer and a mother of two growing children.

I was comfortable with my life and in a routine. I was feeling stuck and had nothing to look forward for myself. That’s when I came to know about Nibbana’s NICCS and enrolled myself. Lifelong learning started with my peers from various backgrounds from day one. Each and every one of the facilitators brought in their experiences and knowledge. I have been inspired and stimulated by the generous faculties. They have sparked my thirst for knowledge and desire to emulate them.

The best learning came from personal sessions, where I experienced the art of counselling – being the client. With all the theories in place, personal sessions regulated my knowledge, as took my steps into self discovery journey. In the last leg, preparing for internships took me another level, practising to be a counsellor was no small feat! Now, I step into real world for experience and excited about my internship. It’s been a whirlwind of activities this past year, being in class, taking personal sessions, doing assignments to assimilate the knowledge, reading up on various topics and having fun with 15 of my peers with memorable snack-break times, I’m glad I took the plunge into this intense learning year!
I look forward to more learning – in life and in Nibbana!

Elavarasan S

Journalism graduate, young seeker of inner self.

It was that time when I had to choose what I was going to do with my life right after my graduation. Job or higher studies, those were my only options. But then when I heard about NICCS, what it offers, and after personally knowing how much counselling helps, I knew that this path was the one to take. It is one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. NICCS enabled me to gain skills and knowledge to become a counsellor in a year, the facilitators instilled so much of confidence in me and shared their experiences through which I learnt a lot. Personally, NICCS has transformed my entire life to the better. To put it effectively, I was a seed and the perfect, loving environment in Nibbana, is helping me to flourish and grow steadily.

Shruthi Surana

A 22 year old graduate in food science management.

NICCS is the start of the journey towards the destination of knowing myself. It’s like a lotus blooming when there is a touch of sunshine which shows my spark. As lotus closes the petals I enclose and integrate all the knowledge within me. It’s continuously enhancing my professional skill of counselling. I bloom everyday with a different me.


S. Nanda Jain

Bachelor in Sociology & Masters in Jainology.

It was an immense pleasure to join NICCS and joy began here in NICCS. I have experienced my life journey from here and I have come across myself and there have been so much of awareness and it’s been a beautiful journey by itself. I am so thankful to all the facilitators and the members who have supported me and made me a good counsellor. It was the best decision that I took in my life and it has showed me wonders and I am now really happy and satisfied with who I am today.

Sankarshana Gauranga

Civil Engineering graduate.

I joined NICCS with the objective of understanding others, ironically I started understanding myself. Having been into spirituality right from childhood, it is only now that I make sense of the real essence of life and understanding it. I take credit in that for enrolling myself in NICCS and not to mention the faculty, facilitators and the energy that one gets at Nibbana. It is ‘an embarking journey’ because it defies logic and intellectualism for a rational person like me. NICCS is something that makes you perceive that embarking journey with support, trust, confidentiality and most importantly it provides ‘that space’ for such professionalism. Every step I take towards myself, is every step that I’m enriching my professional experience as a counsellor.

Mary Elizabeth

Loving mom and a People person

I joined NICCS Nibbana in July 2017. Even before joining this course i was practicing as a counselor. I joined NICCS to refresh my knowledge and skills in counselling. I had a very different experience through the course, some of what I knew but most of what I actually needed. NICCS not only fine tuned my professional need and also shaped my personal front. The faculties, the experience they brought in, the methodologies used, the course content, everything is so well designed to mould you to be a successful counselor. NICCS provides a wholesome package of knowledge, experience, competence and skill. I am proud and blessed to be part of this great family. If you are looking for a valuable change in your life, join NICCS.

Pavithra Arun

Entrepreneur, Masters in Finance and Hotel Management

NICCS, has opened a new door in my life. I was fascinated to pursue this course. My thirst to learn psychology and know more about communication with human, their behavior, thoughts and feelings. The different schools of psychology taught me and made me aware of myself, moulded me into a better person. I would apply these techniques in my day to day activities. As a result my relationship with others became better and happier. I am happy to be a part of this team. Thanks to all the mentors and the facilitators for making a wonderful course.

S. JayaDevi Jayaprakash

Special Educator and Trainee Counsellor

Before joining Nibbana’ NICCS course, I was a tuition teacher, Special Educator and NLP Practitioner. I used to think I have something, that is helping me to motivate and change the people’s behavior partly. I was confused about what I need and what I already have. When I joined Nibbana, I discovered the importance of our presence for each other as people and patience when dealing with other’s thoughts and emotions. I feel that these two are my powerful innate strengths to connect with the people.

My beliefs and thinking errors has been a block for my healthy mental health. I have identified my thinking errors and changed my belief with which I am leading an excellent life with good physical and mental health. Within the past 9 months I am able to look into my transformation from a tuition teacher to a skillful Counsellor which I am experiencing by myself. These happened after I joined Nibbana where I happened to study under skillful and experienced mentors from India and abroad. Moreover I am having another big family with lots of positive energy at Nibbana. I am always thankful to Nibbana for whom I am now.

Srinath K

Rediscovering myself every day

NIBBANA was the first step for me to begin my second career. Previously i had a decade experience working in a MNC company and was not happy with what my life was going. The moment i had this thought, I left my job and wanted to rediscover my new self where i would be happy when i experience myself. Mrs Anu and Mr. Geethan both of them had a vision and converted that vision into the reality and that is NICCS and that is where i felt honored to join the course and that is the day I started rediscovering myself every day.
Learning from the expertise of practitioners from various schools of therapy provided by NIBBANA through NICCS course, gave me the confidence become a competent counsellor and in turn render valuable service to the clients. One main important point being, this was all possible for me due to the group who were there with me throughout the course and till now I felt and still believe that I have an extended FAMILY whom I can rely on.


Tutor, learner of life

I am an M.Tech graduate, pursuing my passion for teaching kids. I sense their need for emotional support from parents/caregivers during their developmental stages. I believe that children are wonderful beings and once given the necessary help, will flourish with their complete innate potential. I decided to learn psychology, equip myself with skills to help people who need support. I personally faced a lot of challenging moments in life. Taking therapy helped me a lot- it shaped my entire personality. I am not the same being I was a moment ago. Every moment is new and a learning for me. Joining Nibbana has facilitated this process at an even more deeper level. The group energy and connecting with people from different walks of life has brought in a lot of inner changes in me. The course is beautifully crafted and facilitator professionals from different arena have immensely contributed for both my personal and professional growth.



I feel happy to share my journey with Nibbana. I am passionate about pursuing counselling psychology. I heard about Nibbana through my friend during June’17. Nibbana supported, motivated and prepared me to work on my goal. The classes helped me to realize myself and developed my skill set both personally and professionally. The learnings I got was more than my expectations. My belief of Nibbana being the right teacher in showing the path to the world of psychology. It gives me great pleasure and I feel proud to be part of Nibbana.


Classical Musician

I am a Cost Accountant by qualification with over a decade’s experience in the corporate sector. I am also a performing musician, pursuing my passion in classical music. Yet another passion in Psychotherapy & Counselling drew me to the one year course offered by Nibbana.

Though I did not have any academic background in psychology, I could easily navigate into the field of Psychotherapy with valuable guidance from experienced professionals, who came as our faculty. The course offered concepts from different branches of Counselling and therapy . The facilitators ensured that we thoroughly understand the concepts with a many practical work, role plays , peer counseling etc.. that helped us to integrate theory with real life situations.

For me personally, the entire duration of the course has been a wonderful journey into myself- self exploration &development. I take away a beautiful understanding about my life and an enormous understanding about the lives of my near & dear ones , friends , relatives.


A chrysalis transpiring to be a butterfly

NICCS – The place where you can sculpt yourself with here and now resources and you get the ability to facilitate others to sculpt for themselves. My experience in this one year in NICCS is a well transforming one which helped to move forward in my life. Before entering in to this program, I was an introvert already on the verge of experiential realization through Transactional Analysis course in Nibbana. These realization directed me to see how I want to be instead of what I want to be. During the first few weeks in NICCS, I realized that l was like a chick seeing the world from the cracked egg. To me, it was a new awareness because if anyone asks me how I was two years before, I would say I could talk with people however I never let anyone to come onto my shell. So the initial experience was a permission that I have given to myself with ease and very fluidic without my inner compulsion -“ I am interested to see people around me”. On every part of learning a module and understanding the style of the facilitators with a comprehensive view of how a module routed with its theory and the distinctive way of applying to the clients. On a personal note, I would say, it helped me to understand myself in each and every different perspectives, whether it be CBT, systemic theory, NLP, psychiatry, Transactional Analysis which forms my personal attributes in a new, concrete way with my here and now resources.

As part of evolving, the introversion aspect of mine also slowly changed. Now I have my inner ability to connect with spontaneity as a child. I felt this is one of my major change because, to me , the group energy has been a wonderful part in my life which is supportive to my understanding of my own personal reality and realizing what I am. Once I understand what I am and working on my personal transformation and seeing the benefits in my life during this one year life made me confident to present myself as a counsellor .

For me personally, the entire duration of the course has been a wonderful journey into myself- self exploration &development. I take away a beautiful understanding about my life and an enormous understanding about the lives of my near & dear ones , friends , relatives.


Writer and Yoga instructor, Counselor in training

NICCS is a landmark initiative that brings together multifarious modules, facilitators and expert trainers from various schools of psychology, under one umbrella. Carefully thought out syllabus taught over 20 hour weekly schedules spread across a period of one year, self exploratory assignments, personal work with respective mentors / therapists, interaction with trust group….all this allows you to learn and integrate at a pace that has the right amount of rigor and relaxation. NICCS has been a very satisfying stop for me in my self exploratory journey and comes as a superb second career option. What would have taken me multiple trips and stays in other cities to learn various psychology modules and models, I learnt under one roof, at a cost that suited my pockets and within timings that allowed me to attend to my family commitments too. I highly recommend NICCS for those who are interested in counseling as a career AND those who are on the path of self discovery.