why and for whom


Nibbana’s Intergrated Course in counselling Skills is one of the first of its kind in Chennai. The integrated nature of the course along with hands on counselling training with supervision support makes NICCS a unique and robust course to learn counselling skills. Just like one cannot be expected to learn driving sitting inside a classroom or learn swimming in an online course, learning counselling skills cannot be attained only through theoretical knowledge. The training needs to be backed by dedicated and patient experiential learning that would prepare the trainee for a variety of client presentations.

Enrol in NICCS if

You are passionate about helping others
You are looking to switch careers.
You are looking for a more satisfying career.
You want to turn your sabbatical into a new professional endeavour
You want to sharpen your counselling skills
You want to grow your career while your child is at school.
You are facing the empty nest syndrome.
You are looking for a flexible career option.